East Alton Public Library District

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February 2018

          February 15, 2018



The regular meeting of the East Alton Public Library District board of Trustees was called to order at 5:45 p.m. by Margaret Funke at the library. Those in attendance were C. Wiegand, J. Richie, L. Silkwood, J. Bricker, and A. Harris. Also present was the Director, Richard Chartrand.

6 present, 1 absent. Quorum established.












            Motion: Wiegand        Second: Richie                           Approve the minutes of the January 18, 2018 board meeting.              Roll call vote: Wiegand, aye; Richie, aye; Silkwood, aye; Bricker, aye; Funke, aye; Harris, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                Motion carried.





·         None





            Motion: Harris         Second: Wiegand                             Approve wages and expenditures as presented for February 2018.                                                                                          Roll call vote: Harris, aye; Wiegand, aye; Richie, aye; Bricker, aye; Silkwood, aye; Funke, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                  Motion carried.










1.     Volunteer Hours:

·        Will 76       

·        Rich 44

2.     I confirmed the 2017 Tax Levy to the County Clerk’s office

3.     The annual fire inspection by Fire Safety occurred on February 8. All was in order.

4.     The book club selection for February is “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. An award winning childrens’ book from 1963.

5.     Income Tax service began on February 5th. That day the preparers limited service to 15. On Tuesday the limit was 20. They were overwhelmed.

6.     As the board meeting is on the 15th this month many items will be distributed at the board meeting. The same will also happen in March, which is also on the 15th.

7.     I am reviewing resumes to fill the open Clerk I position.

8.     Darlene developed new time sheets. Since we changed the payroll to lag a week, it was a good opportunity to make changes.

9.     A big shout out to Andy for keeping up with all the floor cleaning this Winter.

10. I am still trying to work on the Comptroller’s office issues.



February 2018

Story time themes for January were snowmen, “I love snow”, penguins, and polar bears.  Coordinating crafts were snowman fluffy faces, “I love snow” charm bracelets/necklaces, penguin hats door knob hangers, and polar bear cutouts.  Family movie night for January
was “My Friend Bernard” which was about polar bears and penguins.  This was great because it went well with my January story time themes.  None of my 14 attendees had ever seen the movie.  This was so great because it captivated everyone’s attention.  There were “iced” cookies and popcorn as refreshments

The SWAYS meeting for January was at Hayner Public Library.  There was a review about the performer’s showcase coming up the next week.  We also discussed our favorite top books for 2017.  This includes picture books for young children and books in our juvenile and young adult departments.  We try to review books that were published in the current year.  This is always great because each sways representative seems to have their own favorites.  Sometimes there are not many duplicates.  I try to order books for our collection based on their reviews.  Performer’s Showcase was held later in the month at Fairview Heights Public Library.  We had a smaller showcase.  However, there were new never-seen-before-performers.  I was able to book 4 new performers that have not entertained at our library.  Looking forward to some new entertainment.  Summer Reading Program preparations and designs have begun.  Next month’s meeting will be at Six-Mile in Granite City. Submitted by Maury Reynolds.








Text Box: DISCUSSIONADJOURNMENT             There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:14 pm.