East Alton Public Library District

February 2019

        February 21, 2019




The regular meeting of the East Alton Public Library District Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:48 p.m. by Maggie Funke at the library. Those in attendance were C. Wiegand, J. Richie, A. Harris, L. Silkwood, and S. Hierman.

Also present was the Director, Richard Chartrand.

6 present, 1 absent. Quorum established.











            Motion: Wiegand    Second: Harris                           Approve the minutes of the January 17, 2019 board meeting.         

Roll call vote: Wiegand, aye; Harris, aye; Richie, aye; Hierman, aye; Funke, aye; Silkwood, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                                                                                         Motion carried.





·         February 2nd, 2019 Incident Report

·         Confirmation of 2018 AFR Submission







            Motion: Hierman      Second: Harris                              Approve wages and expenditures for January 2019.                                                                                                 Roll call vote: Hierman, aye; Harris, aye; Richie, aye; Wiegand, aye; Funke, aye; Silkwood, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                                     Motion carried.







1.     My volunteer hours for January were 16 ½.

2.     The State Comptroller’s Office has accepted the 2018 AFR.

3.     On February 2nd, the police and paramedics were summoned for an overdose in the women’s restroom.

4.     The Levy Ordinance was verified and returned to the County Clerk’s Office.

5.     The Book Club selection of February is “Beautiful Boy” by David Sheff. A father’s journey through his son’s addiction.

6.     A replacement tax check in the amount of $10,199.01 was received.

7.     You will soon be receiving the annual “Statement of Economic Interest” from the County Clerk’s Office. As in the past, please give the library a copy of the “Receipt of Filing”.

8.     We are replacing the fax machine.

9.     The Proposed minimum wage increase has passed the IL Senate and House. It will be signed by the governor. The wage progression is as follows:

The wage will rise for those 18 years of age and older on:

January 1, 2020 to $9.25

July 1, 2020 to $10

January 1, 2021 to $11

January 1, 2022 to $12

January 1, 2023 to $13

January 1, 2024 to $14

January 1, 2025 to $15

10.  Income Tax Service began on Feb 4. Monday and Tuesday: 10-2. There is a limit of 20 returns per day.




February 2019

The themes for January story times were save the eagles, snowmen, polar bears, and penguins. Coordinating crafts were eagle puppets, snowmen winter wishes trinket box craft, polar bear faces, and winter penguin mosaic craft. We finished all of our winter/snow crafts. I think the children are ready for Valentine’s!

My family movies shown were chosen by the kids. I accommodated them with “Frosty the Snowman” and “Frosty Returns”. These movies certainly went well with our January snowy weather. Next month I will be showing “Small Foot” (the last of winter movies). This movie is a new release so it’s good to show the new ones.

SWAYS was held at the New Athens Public Library. I didn’t attend this meeting due to the long travel time. However, according to my report of the minutes, there was discussion of library involvement in the community. Such as attending festivals, public school programs, and farmers’ markets to name a few. Attendance would be to promote programming for our libraries. Many libraries use LEAP on tablets to register people for cards. They have giveaways and prizes. Some libraries have make and take crafts at these functions. Columbia Library has held mini job fairs at their library for teens 16+. New Athens will be holding a mini Comic-con. Next month SWAYS will be held at Glen Carbon Centennial Library.

The bulletin board has changed. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. In my display case for several months will be the theme “Kids Around the World”. I added some dolls from various countries (Japan, China, and India). If anyone has any dolls from Mexico, Netherlands, or Germany, that would be fantastic!

Submitted by Maury Reynolds












   ADJOURNMENT                    There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.