East Alton Public Library District

July, 2013

July 18, 2013


The hearing for the Appropriation Ordinance was convened at 6:30 PM by the Director, Richard Chartrand. Those in attendance were: Richard Chartrand, Beverly Werts, Charlotte Wiegand, Van Long and Sally Hierman. No one from the public attended. Adjourned at 6:59 PM.


The regular meeting of the East Alton Public Library District board of Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by president Sally Hierman at the library. Those in attendance were Van Long, Charlotte Wiegand, and Beverly Werts. Also present was the Director, Richard Chartrand. Eileen Long entered the meeting at 7:05 p.m. Jerome Podesva and Larry Thatcher were not present. 4 present, 3 absent. Quorum established.                                                                                        



            Motion: Wiegand               Second: Hierman                            Approve the minutes of the June 20, 2013 board meeting.          Roll call vote: Wiegand, aye; Hierman, aye; V. Long, aye, Werts, aye. 4 ayes, no nays, 3 absent. Motion carried. 



            Motion: Werts          Second: Wiegand                                Approve wage and expenditures as presented for July 2013.                                                                                          Roll call vote: Werts, aye; Wiegand, aye; E. Long, aye; Hierman, aye, V. Long, aye. 5 ayes, no nays, 2 absent. Motion carried.                                     


1.      The public hearing on the Appropriation Ordinance is scheduled for 6:30 PM before the board meeting. 

2.      The annual .02 cent building and maintenance tax resolution is included in the board packet and is on the agenda as New Business.        

3.      The book club selection for July is “Fool Me Twice,” a
mystery by Robert B. Parker.      

4.      The roofing contract was signed and a check issued for 1/3 of
the amount.          

5.      A new printer was ordered for the computer in the circulation area. The need to share the one in the workroom became too intense.              

6.      Statistical training is set for August 1st. Maybe there will be
July statistics.       

7.      Natalie and Karla have been doing a great job putting the
library back together after each summer program.               

8.      There are now sixty three people with e-book accounts. Five
were added in June with one hundred and sixty seven

9.      The health insurance bill actually went down. Not much but slightly.                

10.  We are purchasing new copies of kid’s DVDs. The ones we
had were worn out.

11.  Youth Services: I have allowed registration to continue with
summer reading club. There always seems to be last minute
registrants. At this writing I have approximately 100 children
signed up.
So far the performances for June have been Ian Cole, the yo-yo
kid; Curtains Up Theater Company; and Babaloo. Attendance
has been great and averaging around 80-85 children and adults.
I was extremely pleased that the theater company had a great
attendance (because of it being a play). I’m not surprised with
the attendance levels for the other two performers because
action-type and high performance entertainers (like Babaloo)
always bring in a crowd.
Attendance prizes given out have been globe beach balls, the
Earth wrist bands, and “have book will travel” air-filled buses.
Other prizes awarded have been the Spaghetti Factory kid’s
meals for reading at least 5 books, two free games of bowling
for the summer season, globe key chains, and free ice cream
cones from the Dairy Queen. I have other free prizes to give
out for the remainder of the summer reading program which
include Grizzlies tickets, Cardinal tickets, and one free public
session admission at the East Alton Ice Arena courtesy of
Larry Thatcher. Thank you again Larry!
Crafts and story times have been great as well. Lots of fun
craft projects have been scheduled: adventure water globes,
travel bracelets, and mini-tote canvas travel bags. I try to
schedule different type mediums used, such as fabric paint,
markers, water, sewing, adhesives, foam, stickers, etc. I have
an excellent volunteer, Mary Collier! She helps me on
performance and craft/story time days. She is an excellent
reader and keeps the children captivated. Books/stories read
by Mary correspond with the travel theme, which is quite
extensive! I generally coordinate the art activities.
Family movie matinees have been attended by children,
parents, and grandparents. Consistently the attendance has
been around 15. Movies shown have been: Are We There
, Mars Needs Moms, and Wall-E. All movies have travel
themes. I’m looking forward to the remainder of SRC. It’s
hard to believe that half of the program is over.           
Submitted by: Maury Reynolds


            Motion: Werts          Second: Wiegand                                
Approve Appropriation Ordinance 2013-03.                                                                                            Roll call vote: Werts, aye; Wiegand, aye; E. Long, aye;
Hierman, aye, V. Long, nay. 4 ayes, 1 nay, 2 absent.
Motion carried.           


                     Motion: E. Long       Second: Wiegand
Approval of Resolution 2013-02 Building and Maintenance
Roll call vote: E. Long, aye; Wiegand, aye; Hierman, aye; V.
Long, aye; Werts, aye. 5 ayes, no nays, 2 absent. Motion

ADJOURNMENT             There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.