East Alton Public Library District

May, 2017

May 18, 2017



The regular meeting of the East Alton Public Library District Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:49 p.m. by Sally Hierman at the library. Those in attendance were C. Wiegand, J. Bricker, A. Harris, and L. Silkwood. Also present was the Director, Richard Chartrand.

5 present, 2 absent. Quorum established.

Judy Richie entered the meeting at 5:54 p.m.








            Motion: Hierman      Second: Harris                           Approve the minutes of the April 20, 2017 board meeting.              Roll call vote: Hierman, aye; Harris, aye; Bricker, aye; Wiegand, aye; Silkwood, aye. 5 ayes, no nays, 2 absent.                                                                                         Motion carried.



·         Madison County Tax Computation Report (2016)

·         2015 Prevailing Wage Rates

·         Madison County IL, Consolidated Election 4/4/17

·         Certificate(s) of Election

ü  Loretta Silkwood

ü  Charlotte Wiegand

ü  Adam Harris

ü  Jason Bricker

·         Pekin Insurance Advisory Notices to Policyholders (7 Pages)







            Motion: Wiegand          Second: Richie                              Approve wages and expenditures as presented for May 2017.                                                                                          Roll call vote: Wiegand, aye; Richie, aye; Bricker, aye; Silkwood, aye; Hierman, aye; Harris, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                                     Motion carried.


1.     The 2016 assessed valuation has been issued for the District.

The valuation is: $106,079,813. Next year will be even lower.

          2015 - $111,284,963

          2008 - $143,950,783

Next year the assessed valuation will be lower as the power plant closure is fully reflected in the valuation.

2.     The State Library has been notified that we are not renewing the contract for cataloging. The Share consortium (automation) has been notified that as of July 1, 2017; we will no longer be a cataloging library. We will only attach our holdings onto existing bibliographic records.

3.     The Book Club selection for May is “Under the Wide and Starry Sky” by Nancy Horan. A fictionalized rendering of Robert Louis Stevenson and his American Wife Fanny.

Drew is now the Book Club liaison.

4.     Volunteer hours for May:

a.      Rich: 89.5

b.     Will: 62

5.     Under New Business:

Set Time and Date for Budget Hearing (July 20, 2017) at 5:15 PM

Annual Prevailing Wage Rate (2017-02) Still using 2015 wage rates

Appropriation Ordinance (2017-03) to be enacted in July. Draft budget is $102,000 less than last year.

These are included in the board packet.

6.     Due to Max not being here this summer and Chelsea scheduled for surgery in July we will need to hire a shelver. David’s departure left a big hole in the work schedule.

7.     We are now in possession of the 2015 and 2016 AFRs. I was able to retrieve them from the Illinois Comptroller’s website.

8.     A replacement tax check for $15,143.91 was disbursed on May 11, 2017.

9.     The ordinance setting the time and place of board meetings was published in the Telegraph.

10.  I am recommending there be no employee health insurance contribution for FY2017-18.



MAY 2017

Family movie night had 16 in attendance.  The movie shown was the new release “Sing”.  It was enjoyed by the group, with a lot of singing and dancing!  I let the group choose what movie they wish to see for next month.  “The Life of Pets” was their choice.

Story time themes for April were Spring, let’s go fly a kite, Easter, and trolls.  Coordinating crafts were flowers made from various medium, construction paper kite pictures, decorating Easter eggs, and making colorful troll’s headbands.  The boys make troll’s masks. My mom’s designed the troll headbands and even brought the supplies.  They wanted to contribute this craft for the story time program.  It was very enjoyable, and the kids loved looking like the popular trolls. We had our annual Easter egg hunt in the library.  They had so many eggs to hunt for.  Lots of contributions received.  It’s a busy and fun time with the hunt, crafts, and snacks. 

I’ve been partnering with the Rec. center.  I attended their annual Easter egg hunt.  I was responsible for the craft portion of their program.  It was a lot of fun, very busy, and very well attended.  We decorated dyed resin eggs with paint and stickers.  There were at least 150 kids that came to the craft.  I also handed out flyers regarding youth programming and activities. 

I was invited by Robyn Carlson, the senior activity director at the Rec. center to be a guest speaker at their monthly senior breakfast.  She wanted me to speak to the group introducing the Library to those who may not be patrons of ours (yet).  My part was about 30 minutes describing the Library, our functions, our activities (both youth and adult), I encouraged them to be volunteers in the youth services emphasizing the need for positive adult mentors, and encouraged their participation in the Riverbend Book Club that meets at the Library once a month. The group asked lots of questions, and I enjoyed a homemade breakfast too! 

SWAYS this month was held at the Belleville Public Library.  Our focus was on the Summer Reading Club.  Everyone attending shared their ideas for craft projects for the summer reading club.  It’s been a mad dash to order prizes, decorations, and set up the schedule for this event.  The theme this year is “Reading by Design”.  I added “Be Creative”.  I believe this theme will bring lots of fun with the performers I hired and with the crafts I have chosen.  In keeping with the design and create them, lots of creativity by the children will be encouraged.

Next month I will be reading to 70 Kindergarten children from Eastwood Elementary once a week for 3 weeks.  They walk from the school.  Also, I will be attending their annual Family Read Literacy Night.  I’ve collected lots of discarded and donated books to give out to the students. They enjoy receiving books (even if they are used) and stickers.  Their theme is “May the Force of Reading Be with You”.  I will give them a Star Wars sticker too.  The school purchases a t-shirt for me for that night. I am honored to be included as a participant.  Submitted by Maury Reynolds.








            Motion: Hierman       Second: Richie                                

Set Time and Date of Budget Hearing 5:15 p.m. (July 20, 2017).

Roll call vote: Hierman, aye; Richie, aye; Wiegand, aye; Harris, aye;

Bricker, aye; Silkwood, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                                             Motion carried.


            Motion: Richie          Second: Harris                                         Set Prevailing Wage Rate Ordinance 2017-02.                                                                                          Roll call vote: Richie, aye; Harris, aye; Bricker, aye; Silkwood, aye; Wiegand, aye; Hierman, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                                     Motion carried.


Motion: Hierman         Second: Richie                                                   Set the employee health insurance contributions at $0.00 for      FY2017/18

Roll call vote: Hierman, aye; Richie, aye; Bricker, aye; Harris, aye; Wiegand, aye; Silkwood, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                                     Motion carried.



ADJOURNMENT             There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:20 pm.