East Alton Public Library District

November, 2013

November 21, 2013



The regular meeting of the East Alton Public Library District Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:02 p.m., by President, Sally Hierman at the library. Those in attendance were Van Long, Eileen Long, Charlotte Wiegand, Jerome Podesva, and Beverly Werts. Larry Thatcher did not attend. Also present was the Director, Richard Chartrand. 6 present, 1 absent. Quorum established.                                                                                        




            Motion: Podesva               Second: Wiegand                            Approve the minutes of the October 18, 2013 board meeting.          Roll call vote: Podesva, aye; Wiegand, aye; V. Long, aye, E. Long, aye; Werts, aye; Hierman, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent. Motion carried. 




            Motion: E. Long          Second: Podesva                                Approve wage and expenditures as presented for November 2013.                                                                                          Roll call vote: E. Long, aye; Podesva, aye; V. Long, aye; Hierman, aye; Werts, aye; Wiegand, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent. Motion carried.                                


1.      We are in receipt of an assessment protest for the Township Village High-rise.  

2.      Live entertainment will be provided at the annual Christmas soiree.
The duo, Kevin and David, will be serenading, along with a surprise guest.                 

3.      The District has received a donation of $500.00 from Constance Campbell, Our Lady of the Snows apartment community. We will
be purchasing Large Print books.             

4.      The November Book Club selection is “Defending Jacob” by William Landay. An inspirational story of a 14-year-old charged with murder.                      

5.      I signed off on the tax levy.                 

6.      David, with Darlene’s persistent help, has completely reorganized
his board duties workflow. I helped by not yelling.          

7.      The art exhibit by Fred Spence was well-received. He gave us two paintings: a fall pumpkin still-life, and Eddie Munster.                  

8.      We now have the appropriate notification sticker to comply with concealed carry.                

9.      The Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office handed the roof
issue over to the East Alton Chief of Police.       

10.  The electrical work and the moving of the office phone line has
been completed.

11.  Tanna has completed upgrading software on all the library

12.  Ron will not be presenting the audit this month.

13.  Youth Services: The family movie night had 10 in attendance. The new release “The Croods” was shown. The reviews
matched the expectations of the movie. It turned out to be
quite enjoyable. Everyone especially enjoyed the popcorn
furnished by Natalie. (She has another part time job at the
theater). So it was quite tasty to be treated with theater
Story time themes for October were Autumn/Fall, Christopher
Columbus, Pumpkins, Bats, and other Halloween traditions.
Miscellaneous craft activities were decorating trees with
spectacular foliage colors and making & decorating
Christopher Columbus telescopes. We viewed the “new
world” in our library! Pumpkins (paper plates) with bright
orange tempera paint. They enthusiastically put on their
paint smocks. We made black cat/pumpkin signs and a
“personal” bat craft using their own handprints. On the last
story time there was a Halloween party, and the children
arrived in their costumes.
The moms are great volunteers. Each brought special treats
and snacks to be shared. We have had a few birthdays among
our preschoolers, and the children love to bring special snacks
to be shared for their birthday celebrations. View the pictures
on the meeting room door. View, also, a few photos of the staff
dressing up!
SWAYS this month was held at the Bethalto Public Library. I
had never been there, and the special house adjacent to the
library was there when the meeting was held. A nice addition.
Bulletin board ideas were shared. This topic was most
interesting to me as I am always on the lookout for bulletin
board ideas to decorate my wall in the youth services area.
Many creative themes were shared. Next month’s meeting
will be held in Highland.         
Submitted by: Maury Reynolds


                      Motion: Werts       Second: Wiegand
        Shall the District research the services of an attorney on an
        as needed basis.
        After a brief discussion, Wiegand withdrew her second.
        Motion died for lack of a second.   



ADJOURNMENT   There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:26 p.m.