East Alton Public Library District

November 2019

       November 21, 2019




The regular meeting of the East Alton Public Library District Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:45 p.m. by Margaret Funke at the library. Those in attendance were C. Wiegand, J. Richie, L. silkwood, A. Harris and J. Bricker.

Also present was the Director, Richard Chartrand.

6 present, 1 absent. Quorum established.

*The October meeting of 2019 was not held.










            Motion: Wiegand   Second: Harris                             Approve the minutes of the September 19, 2019 board meeting.         

Roll call vote: Wiegand, aye; Harris, aye; Silkwood, aye; Richie, aye; Bricker, aye; Funke, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                                                                                         Motion carried.





·         IMRF November 7, 2019 AP balance due sheet

·         2019 SRC Crafts






            Motion: Silkwood    Second: Harris                          Approve wages and expenditures for September & October 2019.                                                                                                 Roll call vote: Silkwood, aye; Harris, aye; Bricker, aye; Wiegand, aye; Funke, aye; Richie, aye. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent.                        

Motion carried.





November 2019

  1. Total volunteer hours worked in October were 35.
  2. The Appropriation and Levy Ordinances, along with the appropriate documentation were filed with the County Clerk on November 5, 2019.
  3. On November 7, I attended the annual Illinois Heartland Director’s meeting in Effingham. This was an all-day meeting. I counted volunteer time for this.
  4. The Book Club selection for November is “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by JK Rowling.
  5. We have been informed by Pass Security that our alarm system is no longer being supported by the manufacturer. Our system is 24 years old. It is currently functioning. I am recommending that we get a cost for an updated system.
  6. The Book Club will not convene in January or February.
  7. The Annual Community Christmas Box is in the library. The box will be picked up around December 11.
  8. We are once again selling the East Alton History calendars.
  9. The library is scheduled to be decorated by the November board meeting.
  10. We need to discuss if we are doing anything special for the December board meeting.
  11. My next big project is the Per Capita Grant. This is due mid-January.


November 2019

There has been a lot of activities during the month of October. Our story time themes have been based on Halloween and Fire Prevention Week. The specific themes were ghosts & goblins, witches & hats, monsters, pumpkins, and fire safety.

Coordinating crafts were flying ghosts, witch hat “ornament” hangings, writing witch poems, 3-D Frankenstein paper roll craft, fire safety color sheets, and decorating real mini-pumpkins.

During Fire Prevention Week we had a visit from two East Alton Firefighters and their firetruck. This was a great outreach with 23 children. They were great with the kids and very interactive in presenting fire safety and prevention. Each child received from them a firefighter hat with “East Alton Fire Department” on the hat, color books, activity books, and stickers. The highlight of this event was the hat and sitting in the firetruck. And, of course, hearing the loud siren. Many dads were just as excited to also sit in their truck!

Halloween fun was our party with treats, games, and wearing their costumes. Following the party was the annual trick or treating in the library. This was open to the public. It was a smaller crowd this year due to the weather (rain), but still absolutely fun.

Family movie night was “Hotel Transylvania 1”. It was well received with refreshments and CANDY.

SWAYS meeting was at Louis Latzer Memorial Public Library in Highland. Discussion included the Performer’s Showcase at Fairview Heights Library in November. This event was changed to this month instead (previously held) in the month of January. Round table discussion was on passive programming. These programming events are extra outreach activities to bring more children into the library to participate in contests or other reading projects. Submitted by Maury Reynolds













   ADJOURNMENT                    There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:18 pm.